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In J Am Heart Assoc, 2018

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Forthcoming, 2018

In Alzheimers Dement, 2018

In Alzheimers Dement, 2018

In J Am Heart Assoc, 2018

A collection of four white papers on process and product design and performance: A Practical Guide to Utilizing Cp and Cpk, Confidence Intervals for Process Capability Indices, Statistical Procedures for Inter-Rater Reliability, and Statistical Procedures for Testing Equivalence.
White Paper, West Pharmaceutical Services (Exton, PA),2015

Presented at 41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology, Seattle, WA,2011

A series of 2‐alkyl/aryl‐4H‐benzo[1,4]thiazine‐3‐ones have been synthesized by microwave irradiation of ethyl‐2‐bromo‐2‐alkyl/aryl acetate and 2‐amino thiophenol in the presence of 1,8‐diazabicyclo‐[5.4.0] undec‐7‐ene and N‐methylpiperidine. All compounds were characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR and elemental analyses, and by X‐ray crystallography in the case of 2‐methyl‐4H‐benzo[1,4]thiazin‐3‐one.
In J Heterocyclic Chem, 2006

4,4‐Dialkyl and 4,4‐diaryl‐4H‐benzo[d][1,3]oxathiin‐2‐ones were synthesized by the reaction of 2‐(mercapto‐phenyl)‐dialkyl‐ (or diaryl)‐methanol with CDI in excellent yield. The 2‐(mercaptophenyl)‐dialkyl‐ (or diaryl)‐methanols were prepared by the reaction of commercially available methylthiosalicylate with an appropriate alkyl or aryl Grignard reagent.
In Synthetic Commun, 2006

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Data Cleaning with dataMaid (Molly Olson and Omair A. Khan)
Oct 26, 2018


I have been a teaching assistant or instructor for the following courses.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

  • PUBH 5502: Biostatistics I

The Pennsylvania State University

  • STAT 897D: Applied Data Mining and Statistical Learning
  • STAT 597F: Statistical Collaboration for Forensic Science
  • STAT 500: Introduction to Applied Statistics
  • STAT 496C: Beginning Topics in R Statistical Language
  • STAT 496D: Intermediate Topics in R Statistical Language
  • CHEM 213: Laboratory in Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM 213B: Laboratory in Organic Chemistry with Bio-organic Focus

Southern Methodist University

  • BIOL/CHEM 5310: Biological Chemistry: Macromolecular Structure and Function